4 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas Guaranteed To Bring The House Down

Even though the official date for the beginning of fall is September 22, I mark the coming of the new season by the first time somebody asks me what I’m going to be for Halloween. Just like Americans start celebrating Christmas at least a month too early, we start planning our perfect Halloween costume long before October 1 rolls around…or at least we say we will. More often than not, our costumes get put together, or ordered off of Amazon Prime, with only a few days, or even hours to spare…and most of the time, the costume you end up going with is nowhere near as spectacular as you had in mind.

This Halloween, maybe it’s time to dare to be different – like deciding to dress up as one of your favorite Internet memes instead of trying to bring one of your favorite cult characters to life only to be shown up by half a dozen bitches on Instagram.  From Netflix and Chill to Squad Goals, here are four ideas to get your imagination started.

  1. Netflix And Chill


    Photo: vrpowell2000/Imgur

    Just like the meme itself, dressing up like Netflix and Chill is profoundly simple. All you need is a red shirt with the Netflix logo on it and a giant bag of ice. That’s it! Plus, the costume has the added bonus of making you the instant MVP of any part you attend because everybody know that the best party guests bring a bag of ice with them.

    Another viable option is to dress up as the Netflix and Chill condom. It’s a little more work, but if your goal this Halloween is to get laid, what better way to make sure everybody who interacts with you has sex on the brain than by dressing up as a life-size condom?


  2. The Pizza Rat


    For any pizza lover, there can be no better Halloween costume than dressing up like New York’s very own Pizza Rat.  And just like Netflix and Chill, it’s pretty simple to pull off.  All you have to do is either a. buy a rat suit or b. wear all grey and paint whiskers on yourself and then c. call up your favorite pizza place so you can keep your accessory game strong all night long.  But be warned, take on this Halloween costume at your own (waistline’s) risk.

  3. Squad Goals

    This is the most amorphous of all the Internet memes you could choose, and that’s kind of what makes it the most amazing.  Literally, you can get away with almost everything.  You can dress up like Beyonce and Nicki a la Feeling Myself:


    You can take on any one of Taylor Swift and co’s numerous public, and private, outings:


    Taylor Swift // Instagram

    Or you can dress up like hot, sexy businesswomen and politicians in an alternative universe where women actually do run the world.  The choices are pretty endless.

  4. Snapchat’s Rainbow Puke Lens



    Okay, so this isn’t technically a meme, but it’s still a bonafide winner of a costume.  YouTube vlogger GettingPretty shared a surprisingly easy tutorial online, and believe it or not all it takes is some white eyeliner, one of those face paint pallets they have at literally every Halloween store in the country, and a lot of patience.

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