How To Deal With Sexually Inexperienced Men-Children

Not all men are dogs or whores. But ones that aren’t seem rare like unicorns. This year I met a beautiful man who was surprisingly not very experienced sexually. I had no idea that his boyish charm was also relevant in the bedroom. Surprisingly, that turned me on even more. It was different to “teach” someone for once rather than being taught. Here’s some tips on how to handle men who aren’t as “educated” as you:


Take It Slow – Sex seems to come naturally but it isn’t always the case. Naturally we’re afraid of the unknown even if it’s easy as 1,2,3. Don’t rush him. My friend was afraid to go downtown. But soon he got the hang of it. I was patient and he was eager to get it right. Soon enough…he did.

Feedback – Tell him what feels good and what doesn’t. Show him your favorite spots and how you react to them. Eventually he’ll catch on and know what gets you hot. Unless he’s just an asshole who is in it to please only himself.

Consider His Feelings – Not being good or as experienced in bed can be emasculating to men. Trust with my experience there were plenty of times I wanted to burst out in laughter but that could really make someone insecure. Keep in mind that he has emotions too.

Dealing with an inexperienced man takes some time and patience. If you really like him, show him how it’s done or how you like it. Take your time, let him know how you like it and make him feel good. Trial and error, baby! You can make it work.

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