How to Create That Lana Look

No one has a look quite like Lana’s. What she possesses is that sultry, 60’s vibe that is so under-appreciated today. And why is that? That understated sex appeal is so often what we go for when we doll ourselves up at night, and her’s is a look that translates straight from day to night without even having to touch up that slick, cat eye. So for all those who want to see some vintage romance being brought back to the forefront, here are a few simple ways to a look like the one Lana seems to rock so effortlessly day in and day out.

Those Eyes
No one does cat eye quite like Lana but we can certainly try. The trick here is to go big or go home. Liquid eyeliner, false eyelashes, the works. Because the end result that you want here is a piercing stare that speaks right to your soul. Or at least that’s what happens to us when we fall victim to the Lana stare.

That Hair
Why don’t people spend as much time on their hair as they once did?? Remember the days when vintage housewives would go to bed with their curlers in? Ok, we don’t either, we weren’t actually there, and obviously no one wants to go to bed with curlers in their hair but nothing is stopping you from using your blow dryer and maximum strength hair spray to give yourself that bombshell hair that Lana rocks so fabulously.

Lips Though!
Not only does she go daring with the fire engine red, Lana has a lot to say, and nothing ever stops her from opening her mouth and speaking her mind. And that is the number one beauty tip that we can always take from her!

But Can We Raid Her Closet?
Unfortunately Lana is not our room mate and we don’t have constant access to her closet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find ourselves some vintage baby doll dresses, floral garlands and flowing tops and vintage shops such as Brooklyn’s Fox and Fawn, Seven Wonders and No Relation. Meanwhile, we will keep you posted on more from our new issue featuring the Queen herself to give you the proper inspiration (or just make you rabid with envy).

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