Charlotte Tilbury’s contour kits are perfect for anyone who’s scared of contouring

Contouring has gotten so huge, it can seem like no one’s rocking their natural face shape these days. And on top of that, you know there’s a little Facetune-ing going on there before they hit the post button. For a normal person, that is a lot of steps to go through.

Contouring scares me. I feel like it’s more of a science than a makeup technique and the chance of me messing it up is higher than it actually being successful. Also, I normally associate it with like 50 different products and an hour locked in the bathroom hoping for the best and praying to the makeup gods. Achieving that “1920s Hollywood Glam look” normally requires expert lighting and contour but I lack both the makeup skills and a Lumee phone case.

Fortunately, celebrity makeup goddess Charlotte Tilbury is going to bless us makeup noobs with some new products to help us get the look of a 1920s Hollywood star and not spend all day doing it.

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Charlotte Tilbury has been in the makeup game for more than a minute. Before launching her super successful brand in 2013, she was already doing makeup for fashion shows, magazines such as Vogue, LOVE and Vanity Fair, and contouring the faces of Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss. Her YouTube channel provides makeup tips and tutorials featuring some of the celebrities she’s worked with.

On top of all that, she’s now bringing us a Hollywood contour kit which comes out Aug. 17 (the eyeshadow palette will be out in time for the holidays). Thanks be to Charlotte, I got to give it a test run and see just how easy it is to go from normal human to Hollywood contour queen.

Her Hollywood Glam collection includes a contour wand and a light wand (both $38) which come in tubes that you can just click and squeeze out. Literally there is no way you can mess this one up. The light wand isn’t a highlighter but is meant to replicate the way studio lights were used to give 1920’s movie stars the glow their skin had. Basically, I was able to give myself the nose job I always wanted but will probably never afford. The combination of the two was super easy to blend and looked exactly like I was staring into some fine lighting equipment.  I could probably put it on to go out and then maybe sleep in it and wear it to Whole Foods the next day and then maybe the gym.

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Charlotte said that she wants it to be, “so easy, like she’s inside the box telling you what to do,” which is probably why the colors in the eye palette are labeled: day, desk, date, and disco (there is 12 colors in total, 3 for each mood). I think they’re pretty interchangeable but maybe you’re not trying to have a disco at your desk so you could follow Charlotte’s og suggestion.


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In addition to the face-eyes situation she also came up with a matte lip gloss that doesn’t make your mouth feel like its covered in car paint like some of the other ones out there, so that’s pretty cool too ($34, Hollywood Liquid Lips come in 10 colors). All in all, Charlotte is like the contour fairy god mother we needed. Here is the waitlist for the Hollywood Collection. Although this collection isn’t out until August 17, you can shop the rest of Charlotte Tilbury’s products at NordstromBloomingdale’s, and her website.

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