How To Contact The People (Or Celebrities) You’re Obsessing Over

If you are anything like me, you obsess over celebrities and just people in general. Not just movie stars or pop stars, but writers, artists—yes, even internet people. I’ve had the pleasure of talking, and sometimes even getting the chance to meet them. As a young person trying to make it in the art/fashion/publishing world, networking is the most important thing to do. Even if it’s just sending your favorite artist a quick note, or doing what I’ve done in the past and writing a full letter to Greta Gerwig (a letter I have yet to send). Everyone likes a nice compliment not matter who they are.

Use email.

Using email isn’t the only way, obviously. You can definitely sound creepy and weird over email, but I would definitely say that if you’re trying to send a formal note, dm-ing them on Instagram or Twitter isn’t as good of an idea as emailing them. If it is a person on Instagram who you want to be friends with, this doesn’t apply to you, you should dm them. But if it’s someone that you’re trying to network with, email is the way to go. Here’s another exception from the dm-ing rule: If they don’t give their email on their Insta bio, dm them to get it! I know from experience that emailing gets the point across and makes you seem more professional, no matter what age you are.

Don’t be shy.

It’s totally normal to be nervous about saying the wrong thing or just having them say nothing in response. But it really isn’t a big deal! I’ve reached out to many editors of magazines and artists and gotten no response. I’ve just learned to not take it personally because it isn’t a personal attack! You never know who is going to respond or what they’ll say. You just have to take chances and hope for the best, because honestly, the worst anyone can ever say to you is no.

Be honest.

Whenever I contact people I look up to, while I hold back the exclamation points to a certain extent, I try to be as real as possible. I’m a teen girl who often idolizes the people I contact and there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, they’ll be flattered. While being professional, it’s important that you don’t lose your unique-ness. If you want to say how much you admire and look up to them, just say it! It isn’t going to make them like you any less, it’ll probably make them like you more. Just be yourself when you’re interacting with your idols.

Image by Huffington Post.

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