Concealing undereye circles on dark skin is all about color correction

Unless you lead a blessed existence where you have time to sleep eight hours a day and the bathroom access to drink your body weight in water on the regular, chances are most days you wake up with undereye circles.

But don’t worry, that’s why the makeup gods invented color correction.

While it can be hard sometimes to figure out the right colors to use when you have dark skin, Fashionista dug up this tutorial by Jackie Aina from 2015 that offers a step-by-step guide to camouflaging those pesky dark circles that take up squatter’s rights on your face.

Hope they’re ready to get evicted.

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Step 1: Moisturize

“Makeup tends to cling to the skin when it’s not moisturized, so this creates the perfect base for under eye products,” Jackie explains. “Just be sure to be very, very gentle when working around the eyes. Apply upwards or in tapping motions. No tugging. Ain’t nobody got time for premature wrinkles.”


Step 2: Color correction

Color correction is kind of scary if you don’t know what you’re doing no matter what your skin tone, but especially if you have darker skin.

Jackie recommends using a salmon or peach-colored products, but not red lipstick, which is too rich and won’t blend into your skin easily.

“Even the tiniest bit of corrector before applying concealer will balance out the skin tone,” she says. “Then you won’t have to keep packing on a whole bunch of concealer later.”

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Step 3: Concealer

You got this step. Using a damp beauty blender, or whatever you use to apply your makeup, dab around some concealer under your eyes.

Jackie recommends a concealer that’s creamier rather than more matte because they tend to make your under eye area look more radiant.

Step 4: Set with powder

Find a powder that matches the undertone of your skin and gently apply some under your eye, brushing off some of the extra powder so you don’t end up looking too exta.

Plus, it’ll give you a cute highlight-y look without having to actually use highlighter.

Watch the whole tutorial below.

[H/T Fashionista]

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