How To Celebrate The Star Wars Premiere If You’re Totally Oblivious

For once this year, the most talked about thing in the nation is no, not Kylie Jenner’s lips or Justin Bieber’s wang, but it’s long awaited return of every sci-fi lovers favorite saga, Star Wars. The seventh installment of the now Disney-owned franchise Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuts tomorrow, and if you don’t already have tickets, you most likely won’t be getting into any theaters within miles of your house. That’s right people, it’s a nerds world, we’re just living in it.

However, some of us girls are probably wondering how to get in on the excitement when you might know next to nothing about the six-part saga, other than the fact that Hayden Christiansen is a total babe and you wouldn’t mind letting him call himself your daddy. Here’s some simple things you can do if you a) just want to join in on the fun and are genuinely intrigued by this geek phenomenon or b) let’s be real, want to impress the new stud you’re dating who’s closet nerd came out this week and you’re now his plus one to the premiere that he bought tickets to months ago.

1. Impromptu Movie Marathon. It’s like a “Netflix and Chill” date, but better. It’ll probably take 24 hours to get through them all, and your boo won’t even want to leave early cause he “has work really early in the morning.”


2. Get a gag gift. A light saber selfie stick is all you need to get your dude to take more adorable pictures with you for your Instagram so all his female followers can know you’re the nerd for him. And for you single ladies, now you can just perfect those angles with the aid of a longer weapon.


3. Drinking games. There’s a Star Wars version of pretty much every board game right now, so pick up R2-D2 Operation for you and the girls and take a shot every time you drunkenly touch the droid.


4. Bag a date. Haven’t been on the dating scene for months? Perfect! This is your opportune moment to get a free dinner and a movie out of one of the many nerds who would be happy to be seen with any attractive female at the premiere.

giphy (1)

5. Role play. If you and your closet nerd have been needing to spice things up in bedroom lately, maybe do a little research and try the Princess Leia gold bikini character, and he can be your Han Solo. We can all agree you don’t have to be a nerd to be turned on by [young] Harrison Ford. Just be sure to clean his Star Wars sheets after.



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