How To Catch A Dude At His Peak


‘Can you please tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back?’ No, Regina, I can’t. Because Aaron is a f***ing child and I need a man. You see, men have 3 epic peaks in their life spam and Aaron falls in the under 30 range.

This all occurred to me the other night when I was at my favorite bar. Actually, when the drunk guy next to me started up a conversation and brought this to my attention. The 3 stages all men go through:

Under 30:

They are still boys. The only thing on their mind besides playing video games and smoking is sex. Completely driven by this powerless force, you’re basically dating a boy who is still in his final stages of immaturity and partying. They’re not yet comfortable to stand up to their friends either. So don’t expect them to take your side on anything as they will most likely cancel your opinion out.

These boys are also still going through the phase of what the hell they want out of life. Which usually equates to everything and every girl. The perfect stage for some of them to develop into selfish manwhores. And they don’t even have to be hot to sleep around, which is the more confusing part.

I once was with a guy who wasn’t that attractive and shorter than me (he got me with his humor though) and then found out that I wasn’t his only girl. But he did it so well that at the end of the day, after I cried it all out, I almost wanted to high five him for being able to fit other girls into his schedule when I thought I took up so much of his time.


Over 30:

Getting older now, I feel as if I’m more attracted to guys in their early 30’s. This is the perfect stage for a man in my opinion. They’ve finally graduated to being a man now! But this is when they realize what their life goals are, career aspirations, and they’re confident in themselves. And confidence is sexy as hell. Let’s take a second to recognize all the hot 30-something year-old men:

David Beckham (39, he still makes the cut though)

Ryan Gosling (34)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (34)

Chris Hemsworth (31)

This Guy I Know In L.A. (36)

Eddie Redmayne (33)

John Legend (36)

Robin Thicke (38)

Ryan Reynolds (38)

Note that men are starting to grow into their looks around this time, too.

Over 40:

These men are close to making their legacies now. They’re usually settled down or on the verge and although they have conquered their ambitions, it doesn’t hurt to tackle another dream they wish the achieve. But the most important factor in this stage of their life is also the fact that they have become more experienced at sex. Nothing wrong with that either.

So, even though guys may seem like they suck right now, it’s only because they’re young and dumb. They’ll get better with age though. Just you wait and see.

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