How To Approach The Hottie At The Gym

The gym is a little bit bittersweet when it comes to flirting. On one hand, you don’t want to be disturbed while you’re there, you’re sweaty with no makeup and you’re on a time crunch. However, you can’t deny that the gym is where most of the best looking people can be found. So what’s a Galore girl to do?

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I find myself a bit of a hypocrite in that I HATE when guys approach me at the gym – it’s distracting and just plain annoying. But on the real, the reason I’m not about it probably has more to do with the fact that none of the guys have been my type. Which, of course, changed the minute I started noticing a guy at the gym that was completely my f***ing type: long hair, jacked as hell, and at the gym as much as I am. But that’s the problem….I only saw him at the gym. And, as much as I wanted to, I don’t think the squat rack is where true love blossoms.

So what to do? Naturally, I asked every single one of my friends, girls and guys, for insights. And I generally got one of two answers.

A) Ask him to help you with something, show you some type of move, or ask if he was done using whatever machine he is on.

B) Just f***ing go up to him.


As someone who is pretty confident, but still is hardly ever comfortable approaching guys- I sweated (literally) for about two more weeks before I said anything to this dude.

The way I look at it, both options have their pros and cons. With asking him a question, I feel like it made me look like I didn’t know what I was doing, when I’m actually very into lifting and fitness. Pretending I didn’t know something would be like pulling a Cady Heron, a la Mean Girls calculus class. Also, what if he just quickly answered me and went back to his business? Then again, if he was into me, he would offer to show me and schedule an intimate personal training sesh….right?

Going straight up to him and telling it like it is would take a lot more balls – as well as the perfect moment. The con: he completely rejects me and I looked like an idiot (even worse of if someone I knew saw it go down). The pro: he would know I was into him without any bullshit, and I wouldn’t have to waste my time pretending I didn’t know the difference between the leg press and calf raise machine.


Finally, it was my moment. He was on a machine right behind where I was lifting, and he was in between sets. My heart was racing (not from my workout) and I definitely stuttered getting it out, but I went straight up to him and said “Hey, I see you here all the time and I think you’re really cute.” He was at first maybe a little taken aback, but once he regained composure he was super nice about it, extending his hand to introduce himself and giving me his number.

So what happened with me and the mystery gym boy, happily ever after? Nope, found out he had a girlfriend via Facebook, which he mysteriously hid from Facebook about an hour after I first saw it (which was immediately when I got home from the gym, of course). I might be creepy, but I try whenever I can to not be a home-wrecker, so unfortunately I never got to make sweet, sweet love to my gym crush.

But hey, maybe you can learn from my experience, and have more success than me?


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