How to tell if you’re the drunk friend

Everybody has that one friend who tends to overdo it on a night out.

And that one friend also never seems to realize they’re the drunk one who makes everyone nervous the moment they rip their first shot.

We all have our nights, it’s just that some people have more of them than others. So we’ve rounded up a few telltale signs for easy reference:

You’re usually the first one in the group to suggest grabbing a drink.

There’s nothing wrong with being down for a drink ASAP, but if you’re always the one to flag down the bartender at every club/bar/entertainment venue, you may be your own gateway to an overabundance of drinks.

People often tell you that you’re being too loud.

Your friends are constantly shushing you after a few drinks, even in the loudest of venues. Strangers continuously look at you in annoyance, but for some reason as the liquor increases, so does your volume. That reason is drunkenness.

You get highly emotional for no reason.

You’re usually ready to start a fight with someone — anyone — after a few cocktails, or tend to break down in tears after reminiscing about old times. It’s probably a good idea to check your text messages for an ongoing rant to an ex-lover or worse, your boss.

At some point during the night, you get escorted outside by security.

A night on the town wouldn’t be complete for you without being gently escorted outside by a bouncer who thinks you need some fresh air. But you probably don’t remember how you actually got there.

You spend more time in the bathroom stall than on the dance floor.

Most likely, socializing is out of the question, as you’ll be too busy cuddling up to your new BFF: the toilet bowl. Don’t forget to pack a hair tie.

You’re always ready for fast food strictly between the hours of 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Burger King. McDonald’s. Sonic. It doesn’t matter as long as one of your friends is pulling up to a drive-through, ready to speak your mouthwatering order into that tiny, glorious speaker box.

If you found yourself nodding your head in agreement to more than like three of these, you might want to consider pulling back on the throttle a little bit so that everyone doesn’t secretly start to hate you. Being the life of the party is one thing, but getting yourself kicked out of it is quite another.

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