How to tell if you’re overpaying at a re-sale store

Ever since my phone had the capability to (quickly) look something up via Google, I’ve always used it as a smart shopping companion.

You know, like if I find a cute af dress at Marshall’s from a brand I’ve never heard of, I Google the brand to make sure I’m actually getting a good deal and not being hoodwinked.

This may be because I used to work at a consignment shop where I regularly had to figure out the original prices of items, but it’s also probably just because I’m an insane bargain shopper and refuse to buy anything full price – or overpay.

But I’m not alone. According to a Retail Dive consumer survey, 54% of people use their phones to compare shop while in store. And if you’re not one of them, you’re probs getting scammed!

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Seriously, so many “sales” at stores aren’t really sales. And discount stores are known for marking up the “original price” of the item on the tag to make it look like you’re getting a better deal.

If you’re a thrifter or you frequent consignment shops, you’d also benefit from making sure that the price of an item is one-third to one-quarter of the original price– which is what it should be at a consignment shop.

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Even if you’re not a big shopper for clothes, doing the ‘ol Google price compare can help you out even with basic items you buy every day.

Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy paper products like toilet paper in bulk on Amazon, and sometimes beauty products can also be found cheaper online than in your local store – even if they’re not bought in bulk.

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Honestly, if you’re trying to save money (and who isn’t), you should really run a quick price comparison check on any purchases you’re making. Unless, of course, it’s urgent and you just gotta get that Plan B ASAP. Just think of it as the eco-friendly of extreme coupon-ing.

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