The Best No-Makeup Makeup Tips From Selena Gomez’s MUA

No matter how many bright-hued liquid lipsticks Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star hawk, the one makeup lewk everybody wants to master these days is the kind that makes it look like you’re barely wearing any makeup at all, even though you’re probably still using at least 10 products.

You know, no-makeup makeup.

If you’ve tried it, you know it’s difficult af to pull off, but luckily Hung Vango, a makeup artist who regularly works with Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and Karlie Kloss, shared a few tips with W Magazine to help you out.

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When it comes to no-makeup makeup, your lewk lives and dies by how much your skin looks velvety smooth.

“The skin should be clean to start, and then it’s best to really take the time to take care of it properly,” Vango told W. “I suggest using a lightweight serum first and then massaging your moisturizer on top of that. Don’t forget eye cream and lip balm.”

When it comes to makeup, again Vango stresses the importance of keeping your skin looking fresh and dewy:

“It should be radiant and healthy looking, so opt for creamy textures and avoid using lots of powder products.”

Now that it’s spring, Vango also suggests adding “a little extra warmth to the skin by dusting a bit of bronzer on,”or  trying out a “fresh, soft color on the lips,” like this Burt’s Bees lipstick in doused rose.

Good afternoon and good luck, beauty queens.

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