How Our Fave Models Stay Fit & Healthy

Everyone wants to know the secret to having those bangin supermodel bodies. But, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we can’t really see ourselves enduring those week long juice cleanses or daily doses of Soul Cycle (once a month is more than enough for us) so are we mere mortals to do? Thank goodness some of our favorite supers have fitness secrets, which they shared with FashionTV Paris, that seem more than endurable, and perhaps even enjoyable!

Hailey Clauson

Hailey stays fit by walking to her destinations. Well, walking is something that we can certainly manage. Especially if it promises a bombshell figure like Hailey’s.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi gets in shape by doing fun sports like horseback riding and volleyball. Doing social activities like volleyball and boxing is a fun and sane way to stay in shape. And Gigi is certainly a fun and sporty girl.

Esther Heesch

Chloe model Esther Heesch keeps fit and healthy by watching what she puts in her body. Eating a whole, balanced diet is the only way to maintain a healthy and energized body and Esther has an absolutely gorgeous frame!

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