Wow, the average person spends a sh*t ton on Christmas gifts for their families

Get ready to feel like a lowlife: people are spending way more money on Christmas gifts for their relatives than we previously thought.

A $30 sweater and $15 bag of coffee for your dad might not cut it, if the folks at RetailMeNot are right. They found that the average shopper will drop $105 on a parent and $90 on a sibling.

They also quizzed people on how much they’d spend on their bestie. Only 41% of people even buy gifts for their best friends, according to the study. The average they spent was $57, which is more manageable than the family member figures but definitely still makes us feel like bad people for tossing our BFFs a bottle of Andre and calling it a day.

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Now, there is a silver lining: only 59% of people said they’d even purchase a gift for their parents. So no matter how little you spend on mom or dad, you’re still a better child than the 41% of people who don’t even bother. Also, only 50% are buying gifts for their siblings, so if yours gives you any guff for buying her socks, remind her she should be thanking her lucky stars.

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