How Likely He Is To Cheat Based On The Sport He Plays

There are always certain stereotypes about different types of athletes. Some sports make a dude seem more brutish, some sports make a dude seem good with his hands, and others make a dude seem like a little bit of a loser.

But, more importantly, what sports will make a guy more likely to cheat?

Well, according to a new survey, dudes who play certain sports are more likely to cheat than others — sort of.

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The survey, taken by a sporting equipment website called Golf Support, asked men if they ever used their intramural sports league as an excuse for cheating on their wife and/or girlfriend. Yikes.

You know, like when a dude says he’s going to be home late cuz he has rugby practice with the guys, but instead he’s going to meet some girl from Tinder? Yeah, that’s what they were asking about.

But did dudes who play rugby lie more than dudes who do boxing? Well, you’re about to find out.

Here’s the full list of how many guys in each sport admitted to using their sport as an excuse for cheating. It’ll maybe make you reconsider dating an athlete.

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1. Rugby: 21%

Dudes who play rugby love to ram into people, and it’s basically the rest of the world’s version of American football (which isn’t on the list), so we’re not that surprised this was #1.

2. Football: 19%

This means soccer, because the website taking this survey was not American. Although if American football was on this list, we’re sure those dudes would be on top.

3. Golf: 17%

Tiger Woods represented his brethren correctly, I guess.

4. Racing: 15%

Racing…do they means cars or like, track and field? Unclear. Either way, 15% of them are dirtbags.

5. Boxing: 12%

Right hook? Or right swipe on Tinder?

6. Tennis: 11%

Bougie people definitely cheat, so no surprise here.

7. Cricket: 9%

I don’t know anything about cricket, but some of them aren’t loyal.

8. Cycling: 7%

The only thing more embarrassing than your man using spin class an excuse for when he’s secretly banging the nanny is if he says SoulCycle specifically.

9. Swimming: 5%

Does this mean it’s almost safe to date Ryan Lochte?

10. Athletics: 4%

I guess this means “other?” Going to assume that’s what it means.

H/T: Elite Daily

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