How Lana Del Rey Became A Legend

By Gabriella M Ramirez


Lana Del Rey hasn’t pranked anyone, forget what the outsiders think they know about her. She has never changed masks, just clothes. She was not born into this world, she was born out of this world yet somehow she rules it. Del Rey has always been a writer, where her mind is a home for the haunting melodies that her body purges out as shadowy poetic songs. It is in this sense that Lana is a born artist, living as her own masterpiece. Yet as prudent and unapologetic as Del Rey may be, there’s an inevitable confusion to her essence. But Del Rey has not only created a world for herself that is explicitly hers, she has also set it up for view in a stained-glass jar. Del Rey’s reputation is nearly always related to the old Hollywood babes, Nancy Sinatra and Priscilla Presley; but she is an imitation of no one. And while to the outsider, she may seem like a suspicious, yet alluringly mystic creation, Del Rey is a creative who uses her artistry to live out and exhibit different but true versions of herself.

As hard as we try to capture Del Rey’s essence in words, the stories and lives she has lived and put down in melodies kind of do it for us—her music seems to seek sanction in a place beyond the pines. To be frank, even without having gone through her stories cigarette by cigarette, there’s still something we all as fans have been fatally attracted to: that nothing-to-lose girl with a pompous smile and cartoon lashes that can catch anyone’s breath a mile away. It then becomes a little more personal, her music tells us truths that are both forbidden and grounding for us: “be wild”, “be free”. Yet somehow, in the midsts of her career, she sacrificed adoration for martyrdom in the name of music and artistry. So let’s not forget Del Rey’s ingenuity has already begun its affair with notoriety and infamy. The rewards of her loved/hated music is that it speaks for generations forgotten and for generations that are forming. This makes her a legend. 

When she’s in her zone, it becomes more evident that there’s this invincibility to her; her voice and melody now become her heartbeat. She is someone that will go down in music history as a “classic” of her times. In Del Rey’s world, albeit weird and pleasing, her artistry allows women to feel completely comfortable with themselves, truly empowering us to do what we want and how we want to, even if it’s a little bit sexy. In the end, who wants to live a life without sin and sinners, a life with only saints and judgment days? 

Del Rey will not lead this life with anything less than her prowess—every bit of talent will be sponged and revered for decades. Ultimately, because it’s her creation, it’s her eternity. She’s created her own world simply because she’s the only one living in it, granted with old jazz as her theme song. There’s only one realm for Lana and only one Lana for us, covered in diamonds and pearls.

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