Carly Lamanna Went From A Cheerleader To Planet Salon’s Hair Colorist

Carly Lamanna of Planet Salon on in Los Angeles started out her career on the East Coast, not as a hair stylist, but as a cheerleader. “When I was growing up, I wanted to be a performer, ” she said. “I was a cheerleader since when I was 10. I love to perform. I love to dance.”

For Carly, her start began in her family, with an Italian grandmother who liked to do hair, and then her extended family, her team of cheerleaders that begged her to do their hair for competitions. “I went to fashion school in Miami for a year, and I was able to connect my interest in beautiful things with what I wanted to do. I realized that I love hair, and since then, I’ve been really happy!”

“You look like an Italian beauty queen!” I told her. Carly is professional, considerate, and kind as a stylist.

“Who are your influences?’ I asked.

“I look at a lot of magazines. Mostly tabloid magazines, because I love celebrities, and everybody in Los Angeles does as well. I’m a big J.Lo fan, and so many girls come into the salon showing me pictures of the Kardashians. They’re just on top of everything! Khloe’s recent half-up half-down style was super cute. I loved that.”


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