How Big Is The Biebs? 5 GIF Crotch Shots That Make Us Wonder

Last week, a video of a snoozing Bieber taken by a Brazilian “hooker” after a crazy post-concert night went viral on the internet. The girl, now identified as Tati Neves, finally spoke out about the wild night with the Biebs and claims that “he’s well endowned- and very good in bed”. Whether she’s telling the truth or this is all apart of some PR stunt paid for by Justin’s team, it makes us wonder just how big the Biebs really is. We compiled a list of some of the Bieb’s most notable crotch shots (courtesy of some super horny teenage Tumblr girls) and examined the evidence.

5. You get a little glimpse of the goods here but we definitely need further proof
4. If you South of the abs, you’ll see his junk is trying to say hi. Not bad biebs.
3. In this one, it’s pretty much aggressively waving at you. Getting closer.
2. Okay, the hooker could definitely be right about this one. It looks like a snake in a cloth in the dryer, no?
tumblr_mjrf8lwzSr1rorycoo1_250 (1)
1. Oh, and then there’s this, sooooooo…
And for FURTHER evidence….

Written by: Jeremy McClain

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