6 Things Every Girl Needs To Know About Banging in 2016

While you’d think that hookups have stayed relatively the same since the cave people started getting it on, it’s actually changed quite a lot.

Safe bang practices, not to mention technological advances, have re-shaped the world of love in the last 10 years. On top of that, trends such as #buttstuff have kept expectations changing with the times.

We chatted with Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Phd, Vigorman’s Relationship Expert. about the top things that every girl needs to know about hooking up in 2016. Whether you’re worried about having more orgasms or avoiding STDs, you need to read these ASAP.

1. You Can Skip the Pill

Many gynecologists offer up the pill as the first and only option of birth control for younger women. But it comes with negative side effects, and it may not be the best option for you.

“Oral contraceptives are not your only birth control option; in fact, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), long-acting reversible contraceptives like IUDs (intrauterine devices) should be the first choice/recommendation of birth control for young women,” Dr. O’Reilly says. “Research conducted over the past decade suggests that they are the most safe and effective form of contraception for this age group.”

2. Get Your Orgasm On

If you’re still living in an ancient mindset where you view a smooth session as a “reward” for your man, you need to check into 2016. If you’re not enjoying yourself as much as your partner, do something about it!

“Pleasure is an equal opportunity employer,” Dr. O’Reilly says. “lust education historically framed  desire and pleasure as male-centric. While young men were taught to exercise self-restraint, young women were taught to act as pleasure gatekeepers.”

But in real life, desire and pleasure are not determined by gender.

“Regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation,” Dr. O’Reilly says, “you have the option to play a variety of roles and embrace pleasure in a wide range of manners. Don’t limit yourselves to rigid gender roles in the bedroom, as you’ll miss out on all the fun!”

3. Slip and Slide

Lube is not just for anal or post-menopausal women, it’s for everybody. Even if you naturally get wet on your own, a little lube goes a long way and smoothes over the whole sexual experience.

Dr. O’Reilly says that using lube “will change your life and increase your orgasmic capacity. My go-to is Astroglide’s Natural version.”

4. Fear The Porn-spiracy

Porn is not the enemy, and we totally get that you may need a little something something for when you’re having some DIY time.

But you — and your man, specifically — need to realize that porn is just as bad as those cheesy rom-coms in terms of giving you unrealistic expectations.

“Don’t compare your love life to what you see in the movies,” Dr. O’Reilly says. “You may use porn as inspiration, but you’ll likely be disappointed if you expect your love life to look like the professionals’. You don’t have lighting, cameras, directors, makeup and fluffers on-hand, so just do what feels good for you and your partner.”

5. Not Like The Movies

Back to those cheesy rom-coms. You need to accept the fact that every time you and your partner get together, it’s not going to be a passionate, pressed up against the wall, love-making fest. Real people aren’t horny all the time, and hook ups are not always effortless.

“Sexual relationships take work — love making may be natural, but it doesn’t always arise naturally in long-term relationships,” Dr. O’Reilly says. “You have to invest time and energy into conversations and lifestyle changes to support your libido and sexual functioning.”

6. STDs Are Changing

Like many diseases, STDs are adapting to changes. What you may have learned about STDs in middle school may not be relevant today in all cases.

One example of this is recent strains of Gonorrhea that have proven to be incurable. Another important development in STD research is the availability of the HPV vaccine. If you didn’t get the HPV vaccine when you were younger, you can still get the vaccine now up through age 26.

But one thing has always stayed the same: your best bet is to always use protection and always stay safe.

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