House Bunny: 6 Of The Sexiest Playboy Covers!

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. Kate Moss has officially been graced with the famous Playboy ears! For all of those doubters who didn’t think that the original waif could do seduction, here is living, onesie clad proof- Kate Moss has both it girl twig like elegance and sexy, bunny- worthy sex appeal. And Playboy should know, it has been the last word in sultry young women for 60 years! And it has certainly had some luscious looking cover girls. Let’s take a look at the 6 sexiest Playboy covergirls ever!

1. Kate Moss: Who says you can’t be a high fashion playboy bunny? If anyone was going to pave the way for this new trend to take place, it was Kate the Great! Showing off curves we had no idea she had, Kate bares all in her black and white nude shoot for the infamous Hugh Hefner glossy. And her cheekbones aren’t the only things that look divine. Waif, my ass.

2. Drew Barrymore: A young Drew posed in an apparent semi state of undress for the 1995 issue of Playboy, showing off a toned and tatted tummy. It was a deceptively innocent cover- other than the exposed panties and evil look in this apple cheeked actress’ eye.

Playboy Covers
3. Kim Kardashian: Is there anyone more fitting for the role of bedroom eye candy than fantasy figured Kim K? Kim posed for the Christmas issue in what appeared to be a red Christmas ribbon doubling as a navel skimming swimsuit. Talk about a stocking stuffer.

4. Charlize Theron: The classy, lissome blonde made for a surprisingly sensual Playboy model for the 1999 issue. Posing entirely topless, cupping her gams in an all too blasé manner, the Hollywood darling proved that you can have brains, talent… and the curves to match.

5. Lindsay Lohan: For the 2012 Holiday Anniversary issue, Lindsay was at her Marlilyn Monroe, red hot sexiest! Nothing made us miss LiLo more than seeing her head to toe, creamy, naked self only partially covered up by a playboy icon.

People Lindsay Lohan
6. Marge Simpson: In perhaps the most unorthodox and creative approach to magazine photography, Playboy magazine featured a naked Marge Simpson cover and fabricated interview in their November 2009 issue. For the 20th anniversary of the Simpsons, Marge was honored in a pile of whipped cream, a playboy bunny chair and a see through pink nightie. Forever a fantasy girl Marge.


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