Hottest Bartenders of NYC: Antony Magne @ Jules Bistro

Are you ever out with your friends, when you take a glance at the bar, do a double take, and say “daaaaamnnnn?” No, not because you’re dreaming of the pizza you’re going to get at the end of the night, but because the bartender is sexy as hell. What is it about hot bartenders? Is it their mixology skills? Their chiseled forearms as they pour your liquor? Or is it that they’re always a bit of a mystery?

Galore has set out to introduce you to the hottest bartenders of NYC. You can get to know them through our interviews, instead of shoving your tits against the bar as you order that fifth tequila shot. You don’t have to thank us….we’re doing this for you. 

Antony Magne: Jules Bistro, East Village

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

How do you compare the bars in France to the bars in New York?

It depends on the kind of bar. Here, it’s a bar and a restaurant so things are gentle. You’re nice, you don’t have a crazy party because people are eating, everyone is enjoying a French meal. Here you get live music so people are chatting a little bit, but they are here to listen to music. I used to work in somewhere where it was a party 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, I got a really nice amazing period there, but I’ve grown up and and I need something more quiet. If I want to party, I can go out after work. After midnight I can find another dive bar or a place to party.

What’s the best French delicacy/ specialty that you would recommend? 
Ah, we have so many french things. But, the foie gras is really good, really cliche. The escargot with butter sauce, the mussels with the french friends. Or you have the famous steak frites. As for the drinks, we have all kinds of wine, we have one of the best vodkas in the world. I don’t have to talk about whiskey, every time French people try to do that it’s a mess.

Do you get hit on by people at the bar?
I have a theory about that. When you’re behind the bar you can be the most powerful person in the world, you can do whatever you want with a bottle of liquor in your hand. When I was working in France, people would do anything for a free shot or free drinks. Here, because it’s a restaurant, it’s a little bit different- but yeah. Girls will say things like “I’m going to come visit you next time, will the first round be on you?” France and America are the same for that.

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

 What type of girls do you usually go for?

Any kind of girl. I actually was in a relationship since I moved here, and everything changed a couple months ago. But, before that, if the girl is nice, cute, polite- not burping and stuff like that.. but any kind. But I have a problem with tall girls because I’m not that tall.

What’s your biggest turn-off?
People speaking so f***ing loud in America, in France you just speak. Here, people are so loud. I’m deaf on the right side so for me it’s not a problem because I can’t hear them. Drunk girls trying to hook up- anybody can pay for a drink.

You’re deaf in the right ear? How did that happen?
It was maybe eight years ago, I was having a party at home with friends that were older than me. After everybody was drunk we started to fight each other. Because I was the youngest and the smallest, they started to put everybody on me like in rugby. After a couple minutes I was bored and starting to fight them too, and I was unlucky. I accidentally beat somebody in the balls, because the guy is an asshole and he was drunk, he slapped my face. But, he was so drunk that he missed my face and got my ear. I was knocked out for like 20 minutes, I woke up with a bleeding ear and I tried to figure out what to do. My friend told me his sister was a doctor but she was at a party too so we could see her in an hour. I drank in the meanwhile to relieve the pain, and then we went to see the doctor, but she was more drunk than me! I went to the ER and spent the night there and a couple weeks later got the surgery, but it didn’t work- so I am still deaf 50% on the right side.


Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

When you’re not working, where can we find you?
I work almost everyday, but now you can find me around East Williamsburg and Bushwick because I just moved there. When I’m not working, Barrio 47 on Greenwich avenue. Fig and Olive because my roommate is the manager and I love spending time to have some great food there.

What are your favorite jams to listen to before a shift?
Led Zeppelin defintiely, I’m a big fan. I love oldies, Lynrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd. I got a Led Zeppelin tattoo on my back, they changed my vision of rock and roll.

Antony made me a “French Mojito” with raw sugar, lime, ice, White Lily (a sweet wine), and sparkling wine in place of soda. 

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer

When you have a good day at work, where are you likely to splurge?

Right now we’re doing an “after meeting” after work on Mondays. We organize “french mondays.” we’re trying to introduce new french people to the old french people. To finding them a new room to rent, a girl, an internship, something. So, when we close we try to move everybody there. It’s called The Library on Houston and Avenue A, it’s a dive bar, there’s no TV, just a video projector showing old gore movies, shady stuff. The drinks are cheap, the music is cool, just rock, it’s a cool place.

Do you prefer French girls or American girls?
Mexican girls, Canadian girls, a girl from Norway or Russia… a girl is a girl. After, it’s not about the nationality, it’s about the person.

What are your favorite spots around Bushwick/ East Williamsburg?
I just moved a week ago, but I went last week to brunch at 983, the brunch was amazing! I also found a really old diner, probably like 80 years ago on Flushing avenue, it’s called Tina’s Restaurant. It’s shady as f***, but it’s so funny, you open the door as a European person and you walk into a movie from the eighties. There’s fake wood on the counter, the barstool fixed to the floor. The food is cheap, it’s good, messy from the plate. I like that kind of stuff.

Photo Credit Ashley Uzer


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