The 13 Hottest Male Artists At Coachella

Whether you admit it or not, we all have those secret groupie fantasies. Whether you always wanted to be Penny Lane from Almost Famous or you wanted to get scooped up by Paolo in Italy like Lizzie McGuire. Although, I can assure you that there will be plenty (and I mean plenty) of hot hipster dudes with their shirts off and man buns flying in the wind at Coachella. And you know you secretly want to score a backstage pass and get with someone onstage, right?

1. Drake


Not that these dudes are in order of hotness, but I didn’t want you guys to think I was missing the obvious choice. What I would give to have Drake crooning to me on a warm summer night.. mmm..

2. Cedric Gervais


Not only is Cedric even hotter in person, he’ll make you sweat with his sick beats.

3. Coyote Kisses


If two guys are in a band together, they’ve probably got that bromance thing going on where they’d be down for a threesome.. right?

4. Falcons


I think I could get over my irrational fear of birds for him…

5. Anthony Green (Circa Survive)


Been crushing on Mr. Green since middle school… now that I’m over 18 you think I have a shot?

6. Guy Gerber


The only thing sad about this picture is that he’s shaving his beard.

7. Hozier


I don’t care if you’re sick of hearing “Take Me To Church” on repeat, Hozier has a man-bun to make you squirt.

8. Jamestown Revival


I retract my previous threesome statement, looks like there’s room for one more in that boat, right?



With one clean cut cutie and one dirty hipster with a porn stache, what more could you need?

10. Matthew Koma


If you think you don’t know Matthew Koma, you probably do. He sings vocals for Tiesto’s ‘Wasted’ and many other hits! Not to mention he’s a cutie.

11. Ooah


Ooah sounds like the perfect name to shout in bed, and we’ve always had a thing for bad boys.

12. Porter Robinson


Although it’s hard to believe Porter is over 18 with his babyface, we can assure you that you won’t be any legal trouble because he’s actually 22!

13. Vic Mensa



Vic Mensa is blowing up fast, better hop on it before he becomes the next Drake, am I right?

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