Hot Santa Songs: What Your Favorite Xmas Jingle Says About You

Christmas songs are the most diverse breed of music I know. They come in all styles from the slow, to the catchy to the ears-bleeding annoying. The truth is, whether you are the spirit of Christmas or the town Grinch, everyone has a favorite Christmas song. Just as everyone has a favorite way to celebrate Christmas under the covers. Here are five of the most popular Christmas songs and what they say about your doing it style.

1. Santa Baby for the lovers of Kink: Santa baby is not only the kinkiest Christmas song, it may be one of the kinkiest songs ever. What is more naughty then dressing your man up as the mythical bearded Father Christmas? If this is your Christmas jam, you probably enjoy role playing and lots of leather in the sack. Hopefully your secret Santa this year lives near a good intimate shop.

2. Last Christmas for the Romantic: Last Christmas is in truth a bit too weepy for most but if you can withstand it and love it then you are probably quite the decadent lover. You enjoy candlelit intimate dalliances involving mood lighting and silky lingerie. If your lover is a fan of Last Christmas, just don’t let them pick the music.
3. Jinglebell Rock signals Rough Stuff: Jinglebell Rock is the only Christmas song that gets everyone in the mood to dance. And maybe in the mood for other things. If you like Jinglebell Rock, you probably also like a lot of hair pulling, neck biting and butt slapping during the act. Just put a lot of foundation on your neck before Christmas dinner with the folks.

4. Deck The Halls for the Traditional: Deck the Halls is the first carol you learn as a child and if this is your favorite of the carols then you probably prefer to stick with the first doing it moves that your learned as a teen. You like to move in bed as if performing a ritual. No frills, no frocks, no excessive foreplay. Some may call you boring, but hey, your moves are the go-to’s for everyone and your song is played every year no question.
5. Maybe This Christmas for the Passionate: Maybe This Christmas is filled with such hope and positivity, it can’t help but be belted out. Thus is the case with your preferred style of doing it. You like work and work until you make them scream. You like kiss long and deep and go hard and deep. You are the type to say their name and when you play Maybe This Christmas, we bet that you like to play it loud.

Written By: Amanda Lang

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