You’re not the only one who noticed that hot Super Bowl ref

The biggest story of Super Bowl 50 is obviously Beyoncé’s masterful stealing of the halftime show.

But the best subplot in our opinion is the daddy-like hot ref who’s been trending on Twitter and Facebook since kickoff.

Normally, when it comes to eye candy, the players are where you want to direct your attention. But it’s tough to see their cute lil mugs under those helmets. So sometimes, a gal’s gotta let her eye wander.

And wander ours did — to the silver fox with the ruggedly masculine jawline, on-trend 90s-esque baseball cap, and rippling middle-aged guns. His name? #hotref.

Okay, his name is actually Clete Blakeman. But Clete’s probably the least hot name in the world, so we’re just gonna go with #hotref. Even Andy Cohen approves:


#Hotref has been working for the NFL since 2008, according to the New York Daily News. And just as we suspected from his build and general alpha-male demeanor, he’s a former jock himself — he was backup quarterback for the University of Nebraska from 1984 to 1987. Why are quarterbacks always the hottest? God works in mysterious ways, I guess.

And he’s going viral online. Here are some of the choicest tweets about our new potential sugar daddy:

And our personal favorite:

Hopefully we’ll see you next year, #hotref.

Image via Spokeo

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