Hot Girls Eating Pizza Tell Us Whether They Prefer Sex Or A Slice

We love seeing women chow down on anything delicious and so obviously love the buzzing instagram Hot Girls Eating Pizza which is brought to us by Marta. We spoke to her about her venture and whether pizza may actually be better than sex.

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What makes a good pizza?
I think the real question is “how can you have bad pizza?” but universally across all styles (Neapolitan, NY slice-style, Chicago, etc) I think the ingredients have to be good. I also think the sauce/cheese/toppings ratio is important. The toppings should all be able to stand alone and not overpower each other, just compliment each other so you’re like “WTF is this magic happening in my mouth?”

Do you think there is an idea that women don’t like pizza?
I don’t necessarily think there is an idea that women hate pizza, but I think there’s a taboo that women don’t like to eat and indulge, especially not photographed doing it. It’s refreshing to see great Instagram accounts featuring beautiful babes chowing down such as @2hungryblondes and @nycdining.

hot girls eating pizza, galore mag

Pizza or sex?
Pizza. That’s not because my dad will probably read this. The answer is always pizza!

What toppings would you put on the ultimate pizza?
Hard question. Some of my favorites: truffle oil, pickled veggies, cured meats (I usually have to Google them to decide which to order), Mozzarella di Bufala/burrata, topped with a little kale or arugula to trick myself into thinking it’s healthy. My ultimate pizza is also heart shaped.

What can you tell about a girl by the pizza she likes?
Well.. you can tell if she has food allergies and if she takes them seriously, kidding! Luckily now there’s gluten-free, vegan, and health-conscious pizza more readily available than before. My friends and I can get down with any pizza though.

Top 5 pizza places across the USA every girl should visit and eat their hearts out:
I love Pizza Brain in Philly– it’s also a pizza museum. I had amazing deep dish pizza in SF at this place in Alamo Square called Little Star. In LA, there’s an awesome salad slice at Abbot’s Pizza Co. in Venice. In NYC, where I’m based, I can’t pick just one. Some of my faves include Roberta’s, GGs, Williamsburg Pizza, Rubirosa, Marta (not just because it’s my name) and Two Boots. Two Boots has locations in cities like LA and Nashville, too!

hot girls eating pizza, galore mag

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