Hot Child, Mad City: Sogoal Zolghadri

Written By Jill Wallace

This week I’m catching up with a lady that encapsulates everything I love which includes an affinity for sugar and a wit that just don’t quit. Enter Sogoal, the owner and mastermind behind Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop. She is basically a wizard of watercolour and paints her art and clever quips on both paper and pastry. Her personality and talent always shines through which makes it no surprise that she has been noticed by the likes of Free People and Martha Stewart Weddings just to name a few. Did I mention she’s a babe? This San Diego native made the move to New York, which made me even more eager to catch up with this hot child living in a mad city.

Photo by Naomi Huober

Tell us a bit about you and what you’re up to in New York.  

I’m a kooky twenty-something watercolourist, of both paper and pastry. I currently own and operate my own custom cookie company, specializing in hand-painted decor. Talk about niche market, amiright. My favorite color is rainbow, and there is more soymilk and sugar than actual coffee in my coffee.

What are the inspirations behind Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop? 

I’ve been drawing and painting since the early 90s…like when I was 3. I eventually began to take a big interest pastry while I was wrapping up at university. The combination of the two seemed to be the exact outlet I needed and wanted, creatively. It’s not permanent art, it’s prone to change, and eventually goes away altogether! It’s entirely disposable, and that remains to be wildly refreshing for me as a painter. 

Biggest challenges/rewards thus far in terms of starting your own brand? 

Time. I wish there was more of it sometimes [read: all the f*!#ing time]. There is always something to do or worry about — it doesn’t stop. Ever. But I think that’s also one of the most rewarding things. I know I’m learning every day. I’m moving and growing and PAINTING AND BAKING ALL THE TIME. I’m very fortunate, and I have the kindest, most supportive clients and friends guiding me along my way. 

Career highlight thus far?

The stars aligned, the universe smiled down on me and the editors of Vogue so kindly featured me in their Valentine’s gift guide. I was shaking and crying like a crazy woman when the feature went live. Vogue put me out there initially, and it’s still paying off to this very day. 

What was the motivation behind making the move from California to New York?

I am a born and raised and lingered San Diegan– and “IIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILLL ALLWAAAYYYS LOOOVEEE YEEEWWWWWWWWWWW-EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!” [Whitney Houston reference, in case my bad joke fell through the cracks there] California is my heart, and I’ll most likely return one day. I moved because I needed to do something different, challenging, and a little scary; not so much because I felt ready…like most logical, normal people would do, but because I knew stagnancy was looming around the corner. It remains to be one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my 87 years. JK I’m 12.

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