Hot Child, Mad City: Silke Labson On Why Shooting Film Makes Her Happy

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Photography Robbie Mueller

This week on Hot Child, Mad City we are catching up with the chronically creative Silke Labson of Shown to Scale. This verified baddie is a jack of so many trades. When I was first introduced to Silke I mainly knew her as a photographer. I soon found out that this little lady had a whole lot more up her sleeve (made of 100% recycled fabric, obvi). While she’s not busy designing clothes she’s also styling, creative directing, and shooting. Head spinning yet? I think I need a nap. Whether she is in front of or behind the lens, Silke has a certain knack for capturing amazing moments. So without further ado, let’s get to know how this hot child navigates through life in a mad city.

You are a woman that wears a lot of hats. Tell us about them!
For a woman that does wear a lot of hats I just thought about how many actual hats I own and it’s two. And one was lost at a photoshoot. I really need some rad hats for Fall – f***.


Anyway, I am just a creative lil lady that likes to work and try new things.  I moved back to LA from NY after 5 years not really knowing what to do. I accidently got into styling, then creative directing and now shooting.  I also have owned a line called Shown To Scale and just started a new one called Misc Short Trips ( which is one new style a month in a few colorways. All made in LA with recycled fabric.

Any exciting projects you are currently working on? 
I started shooting film again a few months ago and have been collecting a series that I will be showing around January with my friend Zio Ziegler.  Also, my new line is a big new project but rather than make it huge like my last line – I just want to keep it simple. I love to do so much that I need to make sure I can handle it all!

There’s a lot of photographers out there. What makes your style different from the rest? 
Every photographer has a different “eye” but, it’s natural for people to try to emulate photographers they love. The thing is, you will really stand out when you start doing it from the heart – doing what comes natural. When I started shooting film recently, it was only for me. I wasn’t getting paid, it wasn’t for a client, there was no end goal but to make myself happy.  And to have the people I was taking candid photos of love the images.  It ended up working out and now I’m doing a show and my work is in magazines – Teen Vogue, Nylon, Monster Children, etc. My personal work is very different then my commercial work though. I mean I can shoot product on a white backdrop like anyone else, but f*** that.


I can’t look at it without thinking of wrestling WWF. So when I see it I literally think of buff chicks. I don’t have a woman crush this Wednesday but, I can smell what the Rock is cookin.

Clearly you are a Hot Child. So let’s move on to the Mad City. Why LA? 
Hot child? Ooh, fancy. Well, I grew up in California and love it. I lived in Mammoth, SF, Australia, NY and now i’m back. There is nowhere else I’d rather be. I am close to the mountains, the beach, the desert, the weather is great, rent is cheaper, etc. etc. etc. At the end of the day I can always fly to NY to get my fix of the mad rush but, I don’t have to pay out the ass to live in a glorified Jr one bedroom or smell the subway in the summer. I can drive in my car with the A/C pumping and be singing anything embarrassing I want – as loud as I want. And seeing that I’m half Filipino, a girl gotta karaoke sing some cheesy tunes sometimes – it’s in my blood.


Makeup: Maddie North
Photos: Robbie Mueller

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