Hot Child, Mad City: Dylana Suarez Reveals Which Badass Babe She Loves

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Galore Mag - Hot Child, Mad City - Dylana Suarez

I can’t tell you how I first came across Dylana Suarez, but I can tell you I was immediately hooked when I did. There is this effortlessness about her that I just love. When you scroll through the pages of her blog, or follow her day-to-day adventures running around New York on Instagram, you’ll find an endless stream of fashion, lifestyle, and travel inspiration. Other than being an amazing blogger, she has since then ventured into so many other avenues of creativity such as working as a professional photographer. Her resume also includes creative directing, styling, and awesome collaborations. There definitely is something to be said about a girl who knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera. With that said, I highly recommend continuing on and reading more about how and why Dylana lives her life in a mad city.

Describe to us a day in the life of Dylana.
I usually get up pretty early to get a head start on prepping blog posts and getting back to emails. I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and a lot of work brings me into the heart of Manhattan, so getting a head start on my day makes getting into the city on time for my appointments much less crazy. Usually I meet up somewhere with my sister for that particular day’s meetings and/or press previews. If the day is slower, usually I’ll head straight to my sister’s apartment, where we do a lot of prep for our shoots, as well as brainstorming. She has such a great open space for shooting, as well, which is great since we are now experimenting with more videos. Meeting up with good friends throughout the week is the normal, especially with our jewelry designer friend Sabrina, who we collaborate with on a bunch of creative projects. Every day is different, but always so fun and inspiring. And when we shoot outfits, we try to explore a new part of the city so that we can showcase that on our blogs, as well.

Galore Mag - Hot Child, Mad City - Dylana Suarez

How did you get into photography?
It was actually something that I sort of fell into when I started my blog back in 2009. I started photographing my sister Natalie (who was already modeling professionally at the time) for my blog, to build up my portfolio and to just learn how to use a camera on my own. Now it’s 2014, and my skills have definitely developed. Learning photography by myself was probably the best way for me to go about it, because I naturally learned what I liked and what I didn’t like, and sort of developed my own style that I feel comfortable expressing. Traveling and wanting to document my adventures was also another reason why I wanted to take up more photography. Now my work is far more fashion focused, but lifestyle and travel is also a major part of what I do and how I express myself.

I’m sure this is like asking who is your favorite child, but between writing, blogging, styling, and photography- which one is your favorite?
This is really hard! They all sort of come together as a progression of each other, and each came one after the other, and I am lucky to say that today, because of the blog, I can combine them all on a daily basis. It really is quite a dream come true! But if I had to pick one, I will probably have to say photography. It’s nice to be able to get photography work and be appreciated for your skill and eye as a real photographer, and not just as a blogger with a social media presence. Being behind the camera is very fulfilling for me, as a creative director and stylist of what I see in front of the camera. I love going back and editing and making selects and creating the finished product that gives off a mood that others can appreciate. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Galore Mag - Hot Child, Mad City - Dylana Suarez

Biggest lady crush:
My crush has got to be Emma Watson. She is so beautiful, graceful and smart and has a really good head on her shoulders. But I can tell she is also a bad ass underneath it all. Just love her.

What made a SoCal girl like yourself make the move to the mad city of New York?
I’ve always been mystified by the idea of limitless possibilities that NYC offers. I love California, but at the time (around 4 years ago), I felt much more isolated where I was living and wanted to be surrounded by people and just go-go-going. I felt like NYC would be that kick for me to really put myself out there and create things, and meet the people who I could work with. NYC really is a mad city! It’s busy and cramped, but at the same time so beautiful in its creativity and passion. That’s what I love it and why I knew I would love it before actually moving here.

Galore Mag - Hot Child, Mad City - Dylana Suarez

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