Hot Child, Mad City: DJ Amy Pham Offers Her Definition of LA Cliche

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Galore Mag - Amy Pham

It’s about that time again. This week I am featuring the multi-hyphenated wonder Amy Pham. It’s not often you find someone who is equal parts stunning and hilarious. The fact that she can make you giggle like a little schoolgirl in 15 seconds flat is quite the feat. Amy has an infectious energy that can’t be denied. You can find her talking fashion and beauty during the day on The Fashion Statement ( and then DJing that party you desperately want to crash at night. Undoubtedly this lady is busy! I’m happy I was able to catch her in between her busy schedule of crushing life to ask her a few questions about how she manages to be anything but the typical hot child in a mad city.

You do so much it’s hard to keep up with. Tell us about you and all your multi-hyphenated ways. 
Well I’m essentially a very indecisive person so I dabble in everything. But it boils down to: DJ, Host, Model/Actor (basically your LA cliche).

How did you get into DJing and what has been a career highlight so far? 
My brother taught me 5 years ago and I didn’t suck, so here I am! It’s been a fun and crazy ride, and one of my favorite moments was when we had Fatlip from The Pharcyde guest DJ with us. I’m a big Pharcyde fan, and when I was playing I of course had to drop “Passin’ Me By” and he jumped on the mic when his verse came on. Everyone went wild and was singing along and it was incredible.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you? 
I’m naturally a brunette. Lol jk. I like to have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. I can twist my tongue around 360 degrees.

Lauren Abedini a.k.a. Kittens (fellow female DJ)

Every hot child needs a mad city. What makes you stay in LA?
Well I was born and raised LA so it’s always home to me. West coast always and forever.

Galore Mag - Amy Pham

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