Hot Child, Mad City: Colorist Bianca Hillier Paints Hair Not Paintings

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This week on Hot Child, Mad City we are catching up with colorist extraordinaire Bianca Hillier. When you scroll through your feed and find yourself gawking at countless babes, chances are pretty high that the trail leads back to Bianca. From models, to bloggers, to actresses- she does it all! There are so many facets to the industry and stylists play a huge part that definitely should not be left behind the scenes. Bianca is making a name for herself by working with incredible women, companies, and agencies. There is a reason why the best of the best are entrusting Bianca with their mane, so let’s find out how this hot child manages life in a mad city.

Galore Mag - Cassie Amato

Cassie Amato rocks her hair done by Bianca Hillier

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re up to in LA.
I am a colourist. I started working at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles when I was 18. I have been colouring at SHLA for over five years now. I work with/colour for newMARK models, NEXT new faces, No Ties LA faces and Osbrink agency. I am part of the Olaplex team.

How do you set yourself apart from other hair stylists? 
Well, I am a colourist. In my salon you must be a specialist/expert so each individual does either styling/cutting/blow drying or colouring. I believe my ability to create colour that is pleasing to the eye in person and reads well on film is one of my best assets. It is extremely difficult to find a happy medium. My formulations for my fantasy colours (lavender, pink, blue, non natural colours) I make using my own methods and not the punky brands which create something, for lack of a better word, natural looking. Or at least as natural as a fantasy colour can appear.

Biggest challenges you’ve faced?
I often have clients who come to me expecting me to completely fix their hair in one session. The reality of the situation is that most corrective services take several sessions to complete the desired result without further damaging the hair. It bothers me when clients are not entirely satisfied but each session should create tremendous progress heading in the right direction. I hate when clients are not patient because they are not at the desired result yet and they do not believe me so they visit another colourist or do something on their own at home believing they can achieve the look and then further damage the hair and then expect me to fix it all over again! Be patient! Chemicals take time.

Galore Mag - Rocky Barnes

Rocky Barnes rocking Bianca Hillier hair

Enough with the bad and on with the good! What have been some career highlights? (Pun not intended).
Some of my recent accomplishments this year came to me but not to imply that I did not work for/towards them. I am sponsored by Olaplex which allows me to push my limits without compromising the integrity of the hair helping me create colour that was not possible before (especially when going lighter). Olaplex is a professional hair treatment that repairs the inside structure of the hair.  I am featured on the new Olaplex application you can download on iTunes or go to the web. Number 4 hair care sponsors me and I have been fortunate to work with the company and use their amazing product line. You must try the super comb prep & protect spray and/or the blow dry lotion for styling. I have been so blessed to work with numerous agencies and meet beautiful models inside and out allowing me to see my work in an artistic perspective with the help of such talented production crews.

What’s the draw with living in this mad city and do you ever see yourself relocating?
The advantage of living in LA is networking. In any industry it is not only what you know, but who you know. This city is over saturated with talent, which creates competition. I want to learn something new every single day. I will set a standard and stand among the elite.

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