Hot Child, Mad City: Ani Breslin Is Bikini Designer By Day, Flight Attendant By Night

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When I think of a babe both in and out of the water, Ani Breslin of Ani Bikinis comes to mind. I’ve always been in awe of Ani’s personal style. She manages to look perfectly effortless pretty much all the time. It was only natural that this California girl with mile long legs decided to start her own bikini line filled with hand dyed fabrics, innovative cuts, and the perfect amount of cheekiness. What has me in even more awe is that she does all this on her own. Nothing like a one-woman show to make you feel like a slacker! When she’s not busy traveling the world or designing your next favorite teeny bikini, she’s residing in the picturesque town of Laguna Beach, CA. So let’s get to know more about this hot child in a mad city. You also might find out something surprising you may have not guessed about this bikini maven.

Describe to us how all the stars aligned and you decided to start your bikini line.
ANI bikinis came to be almost by accident. I’ve always love messing around with fabrics and sewing up my own threads, and growing up in Southern California gave me the organic love of the ocean and running around in bikinis all day. A few years ago the “cheeky bikinis bottoms” barely existed and so I took it upon myself to hand sew some of the teeniest tiniest bikinis to surf in. People began to take notice and so I started making them for friends, and friends of friends, and so on.
A girlfriend and I had the opportunity to put on a fashion show back in 2010, and basically worked around the clock to come up with a collection of hand-dyed, hand sewn bikinis and loungewear. We did a few impromptu photo shoots, one of which I believe you were apart of and with the success of that show and almost every babe there asking where to buy, I decided to figure out how to start my own business, and from there, ANI bikinis was born.

What has been the biggest struggle/victory?
Everyday is a struggle. The hardest part has definitely been doing every part of this business on my own. Being a one woman show is no easy task, as I’m sure most women you feature can attest to. On top of maintaining some sort of social life, and my double life as a flight attendant. It’s definitely hard work. But at the same time such an amazing experience to look back at the past five years to see what I’ve accomplished.
I’ve been blessed to be featured in a few magazines such as Surfing Magazine Swim issue, and Sports Illustrated Swim issue, as well as various blogs and Miami Swim week events. But for me it’s the small victories that keep me going. I love emails from satisfied customers and just babes in general wearing ANI bikinis all over the globe. It’s beyond rad. I never thought I’d have my own brand, let alone something people are stoked on.

What’s next for Ani Bikini’s?
Currently working on a new collection, which will include some sexy, easy to wear, lounge pieces. Sourcing some amazing new fabrics and some collaborations with some of my favorite retailers. I’m also hoping to put together a swanky event during Miami Swim week this year so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Girl crush
I have way too many girl crushes…. but lets just state the obvious: KATE MOSS is EVERYTHING. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my obsession with miss Moss.

Of all the mad cities in all the lands, why did you decide to live in Laguna?
Laguna beach is my own personal Heaven. I grew up in San Diego, and moved up to LA for college and kind of worked my way back down the coast and found myself obsessed with Laguna. The beaches are amazing, the people are beautiful, and the food… well lets just say you’ll never be disappointed at any restaurant in Laguna. I’m also lucky enough to have a lot of rad, inspiring girlfriends who live here and our “meetings of the minds” just set our creative juices on fire and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

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