Are We Finally Going To Have a Hooters For Women?

I’m almost offended society just assumed that while men love to stare at titties while gorging on hot wings, us women are expected to want to eat our salads in a quiet and classy restaurant. Like, hello?! Why can’t we be blessed with half naked members of the opposite sex while engaging in one of our favorite past-times (aka eating)?

Thankfully, someone has finally stepped up to the plate in this restaurant void. Winston T. Lackey is the head of marketing for a brand new restaurant called Tallywackers that will be opening in Dallas next month.


The restaurant will feature hot waiters clothed in only pants. While the target market is gay men, obviously females like me will be lining up at the door- because honestly, who hasn’t wanted to enjoy a nice meal with a view lately?

The menu for the restaurant hasn’t been confirmed, but honestly, we both know that like Hooters, it’s probably not going to be about the food… Tallywackers also plans to have live entertainment on Thursday-Saturday nights. What type of live entertainment, you ask?

It hasn’t been confirmed, but thoughts of Channing Tatum in Magic Mike are already dancing in my head…

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