Should You Ever Go Back To A Hook-Up Buddy?


Second chances are something we as human beings struggle with on the daily. Giving them out, hoping to receive one, and judging others if they deserve it. And let’s face it, Brian Williams and Giuliana Rancic aren’t the only ones in need of second chances to clean their slates.

So is your ex.

Or maybe you two never had the title of being formally together. Maybe he’s just that guy you f*cked around with for a few months when you were bored. Or a hook-up buddy you caught feelings for (the worst). Either way, there always seems to be a boy from the past who walks back into your life. And for some reason this is especially true if you’re entering a new relationship or just walking out of one.

And I know we’re supposed to keep the past in the past, but what if he didn’t contribute to such a shitty past? Okay, maybe he was seeing girls on the side, but the two of you weren’t technically together, right? Does that mean anything or is that everything to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction?

I mean, dating is messy as it is, mine as well go back to someone you were comfortable and close with for awhile, right? And if this person was also a dear friend to you and helped you when you were sh*t out of luck or moving apartments or starting new jobs, he can’t be all that cruel and evil as your friends work him up to be, right?

But I know second chances should be something people earn and work for, but if enough time has passed, is it okay to accept the ones we dumped out long ago? Is there a reason the universe brought the two of you back in contact?

I think sometimes it’s worth meeting up with them to see. But maybe opt out the alcohol. That never helps anyone’s feelings, decisions, or bank accounts.

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