People Are Still Talking About Hoodie Allen’s New Album

It’s hard for me to understand someone who doesn’t enjoy listening to Hoodie Allen (although I can’t say I have met said person yet). While most would classify him in the white rapper category, his music never seems to sound the same and seems to shimmy its way somewhere into a multitude of other genres. Needless to say, I pre-ordered his album as soon as it was available.


People Keep Talking was released this past Tuesday and Hoodie really hit the nail on the head. With catchy, more pop tracks like “Movie,” sexy tracks like “I Won’t Mind,” and relatable anthems like “Overtime” and “Act My Age,” I’ve been listening on repeat. Not to mention that he features Ed Sheeran on a track.


The People Keep Talking Tour begins on October 29th and comes to New York on November 28th. In addition to his great music, Hoodie is always grateful for his fans, which he showed with the multitude of prizes he gave away to fans who pre-ordered his album. The grand prize for the contest was an all expense paid trip for a fan and a friend to hang with Hoodie this past Tuesday to celebrate his album’s release. While we may not have won the contest, we guess we’ll have to settle for the next best thing and get tickets to his show Thanksgiving weekend.

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