A GIF True Hollywood Story: Starlets Gone Wild




Let’s cheers to Lindsay Lohan not going to jail yesterday, shall we? Not you, Lilo — put the champers down! Okay, can any of you even recall why Lindsay was in court anyway? What did she do now?!? Well, besides that unfortunate portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor. :-/ We’re rooting for you Lindsay and so are yesterday’s fab glitter bombers. Anyway, we did find ourselves once again GIF googling. This time, Hollywood starlet court edition. Some of those “please take the handcuffs off, officer!” outfits are so on point, btw. Back to Lilo — she totally worked some of her Mean Girls magic because she won’t be seeing any (prison…) bars anytime soon. (Seriously though, rehab and therapy? I’d totally love an all expenses paid fab ‘Promises’ in Malibu stint! I mean, just imagine how great your skin would be post-detox.) PS remember that one time when princess Paris Hilton went to jail? That was hot (Simple Life reference, you guys). Anyway, we’ve found some pretty awesome GIFs for y’all including Courtney Love being Courtney Love  in court. That’s a whole lotta courts. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any GIFs of some of our favorite rebels. You know, like Winona Ryder and Kate Moss. But we did find these, so, yeah.

And now for some bad girl foreshadowing brought to you by Amanda Bynes circa All That & Nicole Richie circa The Simple Life. Those were the days…

We’re still rooting for you Lindsay!!! Also, record another “Bossy” please.


Okay, and this too. Just because it deserves your attention.


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