Holiday Survival Guide: 4 Ways To Stay Sane During The Holidays

Here we go again. Yet another family holiday that you must now weather. How did Thanksgiving go? Hopefully most of your clan survived… or hopefully not. Because you have another holiday function that you must now successfully traverse. And this is the mother of all family holidays. What does one bring to such an occasion? Well in such cases, you must ask yourself, what would Galore do? Here are four family function survival tools that will make the event just a bit more bearable.

1. One flask: Keep your alcohol travel sized this year with a cutely patterned flask from Urban, American Apparel or even! Alcohol is the weapon of choice for family functions and if your mother is showing up to the event with her usual mount of sass, champagne is just not going to cut it.


2. A one hitter: My advice is not to get entirely stoned this Christmas as you will need to appropriately answer a slew of questions from the relatives ( what did you learn about marketing research this year honey?), but if you are to resist drowning yourself in the Christmas stuffing you are going to need at least one hit before you are hit with the searing eyes of grandma and grandpa.


3. A vibrator: Because your man may be away dealing with his own problems this holiday season and what better way to get rid of all of the excess stress? No, really it’s ok dad, I was just having a nightmare… a daytime nightmare.


4. Extra Sanity: The holidays just tend to make everything that is already bad seem worse. There is a level of expectation for absolute perfection that is nearly impossible to meet. But remember, no family is perfect. And it is the dysfunctional ones create strong, interesting, thoroughly original young adults. Just look at the Kardashians!


Written By: Amanda Lang

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