H&M Steps Up Their Beauty Game

I LOVE H&M. They specialize in what I like to call, “throw away clothes” and/or items you only need to wear once in order to get your money’s worth. They’re saving me from Coachella outfit hell with their festival line (2 more months!). Also, their platform shoes are somehow really great quality and don’t even look like you bought them at H&M. One thing lacking? A full beauty section! Don’t worry though, they realized how much they could benefit from cosmetic offerings and are releasing a new beauty line in Fall 2015.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a metallic nail polish from those tempting buckets near the register (the polish was great although it turned out to be a mistake considering my inability to do a DIY manicure). However now, I’ll get to peruse an entire section and not just think I scored on my way out. Alongside typical face makeup, H&M Beauty will carry both hair and body products. I imagine that means leave-in conditioner and body lotion, but we will have to wait to see exactly what they come up with. If they can translate their sartorial know-how into cosmetics, I’ll dedicate an entire shelf to my H&M products. 

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