H&M Loves Coachella And We Love H&M


It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! H&M’s long-anticipated Coachella themed collection has hit stores, and it’s actually (surprisingly?) BOMB. Maybe you’ve had your festival style strategy down for the last couple months and are just waiting to debut it, or maybe you’ve desperately taken to sifting through the boxes in your grandma’s attic in search of “vintage” festival wear. If you’re of the first group, I’m willing to bet some essential element is still MIA from your capsule wardrobe. Thankfully, this collection promises any and every piece you may be missing. If you’re of the second group, pour yourself a shot and shout “Hooray!” because H&M has just saved you from hours of elbow-deep wading in mothballs.

The collection has translated Coachella very literally, and we’re not mad at that. There are Southwestern style maxi dresses that make festival dressing easy, lace in an over-sized pattern that makes me not hate lace, and a bright orange crochet mini that is TO DIE. The tees and crop tops alone can probably make up 10 different outfits. Add in the dripping metallic necklaces or one of the many patterned kimonos and you’ve got one helluva Coachella wardrobe. As all the best collections are, this one is limited edition, so snatch it up quick!





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