Hinds On Mac DeMarco, Spanish Garage Rock, And Never Dating A Musician

The garage scene has been blossoming stateside thanks to artists like Mac DeMarco, Ty Segall and Potty Mouth, but Hinds is at the forefront of international grunge-pop crossover—thanks to two demos that took off on Bandcamp, word spread fast about the band (FKA Deers) outside of their native Spain. The band is comprised of Carlotta Cosials, Ana García Perrote, Amber Grimbergen and Ade Martin, and was formed following Cosials and Perrote’s breakups with then-boyfriends. However, don’t give their exes too much credit: their debut LP Leave Me Alone is just about love in general; relationships come and go, but girl gangs prevail. With a new album just released, we caught up with the four-piece in Brooklyn for some relationship advice, words on the Spanish underground music scene and how Bandcamp gave them their big break.

Galore: Your band story is an interesting one—you met through your ex-boyfriends, right?

Carlotta: Ana was the best friend of my ex-boyfriend, who was the best friend of Ade’s ex-boyfriend. They had a band together and we used to go a lot to their rehearsals or watch them play gigs. 

What did you learn from the experience of forming a band through boyfriends? What kind of relationship advice would you give to other people?

Carlotta: I think everything you go through in your life, you can use to your advantage. I was really sad when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend so Ana and I went to the beach with two guitars. It was like when you break up with someone, leave the city, and don’t want to think about anything in that moment. I think good things come when you’re happier. Even if you’re having a tough timebecause we all have tough timesyou can really use it in a good way. You can take advantage of it. There’s a Spanish saying for it—“sacar aprovechó.”

Ana: I feel like in the end, every relationship gives you something good. For us, those relationships gave us what we’re doing right now. They gave us our livelihood. 

Carlotta: We’re single now.

Are you still friends with your exes? Did they come to any of your shows?

Carlotta: Mine tried, but he couldn’t get in. It was sold out.

Ana: Mine hasn’t.

You had to change your name from Deers to Hinds due to a potential lawsuit. Was that stressful?

Ana: Having to choose a name was one of the most horrible things to go through. We had confirmed a festival, and they had the lineup and then they were going to have to change the name. It was like, on the radio, are they going to know how to pronounce the new name?

Carlotta: It was like, fuck, we have all these interviews done under Deers.

How did you guys get your big break anyway?

Ana: We uploaded the songs to Bandcamp, and then kind of instantly got attention for it. There’s a section of upcoming music on Bandcamp, and there was a guy at NME who had to write about upcoming music. He wrote about us. It was four lines with a little picture. Then another guy from another blog wrote about us.

When you first started out back in 2011, you were a duo. Why did you guys decide to expand to a four-piece?

Carlotta: The music we listen to has drums and bass.

Ana: It’s not like we wanted to go from two to four. We never said, ‘let’s be a duo.’ It just kind of happened. We started it, and then we needed more people because of the sound.

You’ve said in the past that you were huge fans of Mac DeMarco. Has Mac DeMarco approached you guys yet? Do you now run in the same circles?

Carlotta: I can’t remember exactly when, but we met him last year. We hang out a little. I think he’s in Australia right now. 

Ana: We were playing at End of the Road Festival in the UK. We were asked by the festival to do the last gig of the festival as a secret show, so we said yes. We asked [Mac] to come because he was DJing the festival, and he couldn’t come to our normal gig. He came and crowdsurfed for six songs in a row.

Whoa. That’s dedication right there. So, you guys know the Spanish music scene. What underground bands do you think will break there?

Carlotta: We’re loyal to the teachers that we’ve grown up with, and they’re Los Nastys and The Parrots.

Ana: The Parrots’ guitarist produced our album.

Carlotta: Madrid has a very powerful, but small scene of garage gigs, shows and craziness. Madrid is a small city, so almost all of our friends are related to music in some way.

On that note, would you guys ever date musicians now?

Carlotta: Don’t ever date a musicianthey’re all crazy. 

Ana: If you can avoid it, do that.

Carlotta: Bad idea.

What’s the biggest sound evolution from when you first released your demos on Bandcamp to your debut album?

Ana: I think you really can tell that there are people playing instruments: a drummer playing drums, a bassist playing bass and a guitarist playing guitar. We wanted to keep a very DIY vibe on our first album. We were really influenced by Shannon and the Clams, The Strokes and Mac DeMarco. We wanted to keep it very simple and real. We tried not to do so many takes, and we tried not to correct many mistakes. Even if we feel like we’ve been touring, and even if we think a lot of people know us, there are more people that are gonna know us after the album. We wanted to keep that ‘thing’ that’s helped us before the album, keep going for our album.•

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