Hinds Draft Their Fantasy Girl Gang

We are obsessed with Madrid band babes Hinds, formerly known as Deers, the newest force in garage rock. 2015 will bring much more from Hinds as they take on the U.S. with a string of live dates in anticipation of their upcoming album…plus we’ll take any excuse to party with them. The girls tell us how loser ex-boyfriends brought the band together, the ultimate alt boy dream date and who they would enlist in a Hinds girl gang.

Galore Mag - Hinds- Deers

First off, you guys are changing your name!?
YES! It’s done now, seriously no going back. We really like the new name, it looks nice on posters and in Carlotta’s handwriting.

Galore Mag - Hinds- Deers

Tell us how ex-­boyfriends played a part in the creation of Deers (or should we say Hinds)?
It’s more simple than what people think… It’s just Carlotta and Ana: we met because of them, they were friends before us. Then Carlotta split up with that boyfriend and that’s why we went to the beach as a relaxing-fun-trip with two guitars and suddenly, without any expectation, Deers was born!

Who would you enlist in your ultimate girl gang?
Malia Obama, Pepper Ann, Katherine Hepburn, Sofía Coppola, Nina Simone, Chloe Sevigny, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Diane Keaton, Aretha Franklin, Rita Hayworth and Lola Bunny.

Galore Mag - Malia Obama

Dream Date: Ty Segall or Mac DeMarco?
Hard question. Ty Segall. No offense Mac please.

What’s your idea of the best way to party in the USA?
Shots, rave and swimmingpools.
Galore - Miley Cyrus - Party  The USA

What does 2015 have in store for Hinds?
An amazing album and free stickers.

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