You Should Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp (or 6) in Your Home

I was raised in a pretty hippie household, we call my mom the Zen Thug (because she’s into both yoga AND N.W.A/Tupac/Biggie.) It’s not surprising to find crystals, spirituality books, sage, and now, pink Himalayan salt lamps all over my home.

A couple of months ago, my mom had been researching ways to further purify our home and ourselves and came across several articles about the power of Himalayan Salt Lamp’s (plus, they look really pretty, so we were already kinda sold.)

1. They cleanse the air

Himalayan salt lamps allegedly attract water molecules from the air. With these water molecules come pollutants like cigarette smoke, dust, and pollen, or so they say. The theory behind salt lamps is that these pollutants are carried back and absorb into the crystal. When the crystal is heated (through the bulb inside,) the water that was just absorbed is supposedly evaporated, cleansed, and released back into the environment sans pollutants.

2. They increase energy levels

Positive ions are found all around us, and energists claim they have negative effects on our mind and body. The primary source of positive ions are supposedly our phones, computers, and televisions (a.k.a. the millennial playground.) Increased exposure to negative ions (found in high concentrations in nature) help to increase energy levels. Negative ions are packed into the Himalayan salt lamps, so people believe they help to balance the positive ions that are all around us.

3. They help to improve sleep quality

Word on the health nut street is that over-exposure to positive ions (from technology) negatively impacts sleep quality. People who believe in this stuff say positively charged ions reduce the blood and oxygen flow to our brains, which greatly reduces our ability to have a good night’s sleep. Again, it’s all about balancing those nasty positive ions with negative ions and Himalayan salt lamps are allegedly an easy way to do so.

4. They are mood boosters

The negative ions found in Himalayan salt lamps improve the blood and oxygen flow to your brain which helps to boost serotonin levels, making us feel happy.

While Himalayan salt lamps aren’t totally scientifically backed, there is some science to them.

G.S. Rahi, the associate professor of Physical Science at Fayetteville State University said:

“As all living systems (including human beings) are bio-electric in nature, the electrically charged particles affect the way we feel and act. In a natural setting, a balance of positive and negative ions contributes to one’s sensations and perceptions. Atmospheric ions can affect health, well-being, efficiency, emotions, and mental attitude of human beings.”

Therefore, a lamp that holds negative ions (like the Himalayan salt lamp) can reverse the harmful effects of the positive ions that are all around us.

After a couple of months of using these lamps 24/7 (we have one on the main floor and one upstairs) we have definitely noticed improvements in all of the above points. I’ll be purchasing two more lamps, one for my home office, and the other for my bedroom ASAP.

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