Hillary Clinton Gets Deep In Her Interview With Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham just interviewed Hillary Clinton for the start of her new email newsletter, Lenny Letter, and it was awesome. Lenny Letter, started by Lena Dunham and her fellow “Girls” show-runner, Jenni Konner, is their latest project. It creates “a snark-free place for feminists to get information: on how to vote, eat, dress, fuck, and live better.” The newsletters will include interviews, original artwork, coverage on lesser known women intellectuals and various columns devoted to topics such as fashion and the LGBT community. Planned Parenthood has even partnered with Lenny Letter for a column titled, ‘The Rumors I Heard About My Body’, which will answer women’s health questions. It’s everything you could ever want, only all in one place.

Lena Dunham’s ‘s hour-long interview with fellow feminist Hillary Clinton can be read here. It discusses Hillary’s past, present, and her plans for the future. Lena’s quirky vibe allowed the presidential candidate to respond openly on the obstacles she’s faced and the triumphs she’s accomplished as a woman in a (soon to change) man’s world. According to Yahoo, “So much of what we aim for in our work is to push back against the unreasonable demands placed on women—”a demand for perfection and likability above all else,” Dunham and Konner continued, “Hillary Clinton’s entire career has flown in the face of those pressures.” With that in mind, Lena focuses much of the interview on the millenial generation of feminists, asking Hillary about her experiences in her 20’s as a feminist, and her vision for this new generation.

Sure, Hillary Clinton and Lena Dunham have each had their controversial moments and occasional screw ups, but who hasn’t? Both women have pushed the boundaries for women, setting an example that there are no limitations for us, despite what we have been taught to think through their own successes in each of their respective fields. Whether they’re trailblazing, teaching, leading, or evolving, there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton and Lena Dunham are the the real bombshells our society needs.

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