Hilary Duff Shocks Us All With Cover Art For New Single

OH MY GAWD. As if the return of Hilary Duff and her amazingness isn’t already exciting enough?!? She premiered a snippet from her latest single “SPARKS,” and it is taking me back to the early 2000s all over again. While she’s definitely far from Lizzy with this cover single image, there’s still some of that shitty old school (new school?) quality within her song – and I say this in the best way possible. This is high end shi shi bish stuff right here! H Duff has always been cool if you think about it: She quit Lizzy when it was time to grow up, started a good-looking family, got a divorce that made her hot again and then popped back into entertainment when the world was over her Disney Channel days (not I, I will never forget the awesomeness). Old Hilary or new Hilary, I’ve never disliked the woman and neither has anyone else. She’s even hotter than she was before and she’s popping back into H-Wood with not just a song, but a starring role in the brand new show Younger. HAHA, you snooze, you lose ex hubby. Can’t take the Duff out of the Hilary bro. We are the winners!!

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