Hilary Duff’s Cosmo Cover Is Kinda Awk

Nobody is more stoked to see Hilary Duff on the cover of Cosmo than we are, but we’re not so stoked about this WEIRD ASS JACKET! In what world was an off the shoulder leather jacket ever a good idea? Let me tell you, no world. Apparently, there is just not enough space for a shoulder and a boob to fit comfortably inside this bad boy. I have to say, her body looks INCREDIBLE. In fact, she might look better than ever! She’s toned, shapely, and completely fresh faced. I guess I’m just super protective of this bad bae because of my tweenage obsession with Lizzy McGuire. I love her, I love the sexy cover pose, I guess it just all comes down to my hatred for this nonsensical jacket. If I’m being honest, it’s still cute tho.


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