These Teachers Are Also High-Fashion Models

There are a couple things that get me through class everyday: incessantly checking my phone every two seconds, daydreaming about sex, and thinking about the drink(s) I’m going to indulge in that night.

However, I have a feeling my days in class would be much more enjoyable if my teachers looked like Pietro Boselli:



Or like Sam Pearce:




If you’re confused as to why these math teachers look like high-fashion models, that’s because they are. Pietro Boselli and Sam Pearce are both teachers who also work as models on the side (because we know a teachers salary isn’t enough these days). Pietro is a math professor at a London University, and Sam teaches eighth grade English in our very own Bushwick, Brooklyn!

Pearce, the Brooklyn hunk of a teacher, not only walks the hallways of his school, but the runway as well. Yes, Pearce has walked for DKNY and Alexander McQueen in New York Fashion Week, but if his picture doesn’t melt your heart, his generosity will. That’s right, Pearce uses his earnings from his modeling career to buy books and supplies for his students. In fact, you can help support his cause here.

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Although I never wanted to go back to the eighth grade, I would consider now… Likewise, I will be endlessly wondering why my math professor is a lazy-eyed fat guy wearing a coyote shirt while English girls get to stare at Pietro. I guess that’s life, but I’m still going to have fantasies about being bent over a desk and spanked for the next couple days…


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