Hermès And Fancy’s Capsule Collab Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Created by Joseph Einhorn and endorsed by high-profile daddies such as Ashton Kutcher and Edward Norton, Fancy is the global shopping app dedicated to bringing their users exclusive, one of a kind pieces ranging from ready-to-wear to home decorations to gadgets. It’s kind of like the rich man’s WANELO, and today, they brought their superior selection of items to the next level. The luxe app just released a collaboration with Hermès, which combines Fancy’s vision of unique glamour with the Hermès’ aesthetic of timeless luxury in a three-piece capsule collection.

The collection captures that contemporary vision of luxury that the fashion world is obsessed with. Sadly, it’s not clothes, it’s just super cool stuff that you never knew you needed on your Christmas list…until now. There’s an $11,900 carbon fiber bicycle, a $1,670 caplets pen fountain pen with a white gold nub, and a $780 pair of men’s slip on sneakers in the time-honored Hermès chain print. If you want to go for a test drive, Fancy and Hermes also created an animation where you can steer the bike through brightly colored terrain. It’s almost like riding it.

Visit the collection in person on December 2-6, when Fancy’s four floor NYC “run-up shop” will bring the app‘s offerings into tangibility for the first time. “This is the first step into figuring out a way to execute experimentally what we’re doing online,” Einhorn said. “I’ll know more when it’s over.” The store will be filled to the bring with interactive digital features, runway one of a kinds (like Alexander Wang’s one of a kind white leather gym bag and Public School’s one and only pair of white sandals, which were both sold on Fancy), and will host breakfast, lunch, and dinner panels for a “social component.” This is something to look forward to people.

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