Here’s Why We All Need To Chill About Kylie Jenner’s Dating Life

I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere, in different words, this weekend on every celebrity gossip site. Kylie Jenner wasn’t at her boo Tyga’s birthday, “this is the end!” “The Kardashian family hates Kylie’s boyfriend, pressures her to breakup with him!” “Did Kyga officially split?” I mean, even if these are all ridiculous rumors, it does make us curious. We, as humans, start jumping to insane conclusions, as the media wants us to do. Did he cheat on our beloved youngest Jenner sister? Did she meet the love of her life in Melbourne on her recent trip and leave Tyga in the dust? For God’s sake, what happened?!

Kylie calmed all of our curiosity driven anxiety when she posted a Snapchat on Saturday of her and her man laying on the couch, playing footsie, with the caption, “Everyone needs to chill.”


Then we saw the couple leave the AMA’s together, looking dapper and well, drama-free heading to an after party.

Have you ever had a guy that made you absolutely crazy? When he wasn’t texting you back you automatically assumed it was because he was texting some other girl. When he got off work late you couldn’t help but fear he was really working out some other girls thighs. You were always looking for hidden information on him, whoever the source may be.

There’s one of two things that could be causing your anxiety; a) you’re a paranoid psychotic mess or b) he really is sketchy AF and has given you all reason to question his loyalties. Either way, Kylie Jenner is right. You (We). Need. To. Chill. If you’re that insecure or paranoid in a relationship, you probably shouldn’t be in one in the first place, and if this guy is that untrustworthy, it’s probably a sign you should dump his ass anyways.

Take it from Kylie Jenner, one of the youngest people who knows what it’s like to have mislead information on her boyfriend, and herself, coming from every source you can imagine. Don’t believe everything you hear because that saying “When you assume you make an ass out of you and me” could not be more real. Can you imagine what it would be like if we all minded our own business and just “chilled?”

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