Here’s a theme song for when he annoys you by catching feels

Nothing is worse than when your friends-with-benefits situation starts to get muddied up by feelings.

Like, you’re enjoying the way things are going, you’re not even thinking about defining the relationship, and you don’t even really care what he does when he’s not with you.

And then, one of those horrible “what are we?” convos happens, and you just miss the days when you’d drunkenly booty-call each other and bounce in the morning (or 10 minutes after you did the dirty…).

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This is a pretty common scenario, but there are very few songs that sum up the confusion that comes along with figuring out just how much you care about your fuck buddy — especially if they’re the one who brings up the topic of feelings first.

Luckily, TK Kravitz and Sexton have provided the perfect background track for this phenomenon. “Space” is an anthem for that weird in-between period when you’re trying to figure out how you feel about someone, without letting their feelings confuse you too much.

Take a look at the chorus:

Sometimes I just wanna say fuck you
But I can’t right now ’cause I fuck with you
When time fly by shit change
Right now feeling like I need space
Time out, I just need a break
Ride out, I’m going on a way
Time up, don’t call my phone today
I’m going all the way and I just need a break

Ugh, stressful, right?! Thank you, TK Kravitz and Sexton, for turning this tense af situation into a surprisingly smooth bop.

It also makes for a pretty epic #OOTD soundtrack, as Andrea Valle proves here:

did a cute lil outfit of the day video 👶🏽✨ song by @tkkravitz and @snowqueensexton 🖤

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Listen to the full song below or on Spotify.

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