Here’s The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened To Bree Kleintop, Pro Surfer

Bree Kleintop doesn’t have as much time for surfing, now that she’s also a full-time model, but hey, the U.S. Surf Open only comes once a year! Originally from the East Coast, Bree’s settled in California, where she’s able to work with swimwear designers, surf as much as she can, and still find time to curate her website Breeology. Catch up with Bree before she heads to celebrate the Surf Open with Galore at Chuck E. Cheese, below.

Can you tell us about one of the scariest moments that you’ve experienced surfing?

The one moment that really changed my respect for the force of Mother Nature was one day surfing in Hawaii. I was about 15 and thought I was basically invincible as most teens do! Swell size builds really quickly there and seems to come out of nowhere. It had been a solid day out, I took a fun wave and kicked out to avoid a long paddle back…when I looked over my shoulder there were huge mountains of water headed for me and I wasn’t near the channel. I got one deep breath and dove down as deep as I could and kept diving under to avoid being caught up in the washing machine of water above me. There was only a brief second in between before the next set wave hit that I could rush to the surface and catch a breath to try to keep from drowning. I remember seeing so many other surfers heads peaking up gasping for air in the white water trying to do exactly what I was. I could feel I was getting sucked away. When the seventh massive wave in the set hit I didn’t think I could hold my breath any longer it’s a very surreal feeling, drowning. The sheer force of that amount of water pounding down had already snapped my leash and ripped my board out. I must of blacked out I only remember a guy dragging me up onto the rocks, I had been sucked all the way into the nearby harbor. My friends said they had watched the whole thing helpless. The lifeguards kept counting the surfers heads trying to keep track of who was coming up for air and who wasn’t. There were about 20 of us who got hit by that fluke massive set. The weirdest thing, the guy who rescued me that day in Hawaii knew who I was and was from my hometown in Virginia. I’ve never seen him again, but I now believe in guardian angels.

If you’re not scared of waves/deep water like normal people, what are you scared of?

For some reason snakes want to befriend me, I run into them literally everywhere I go and I’m absolutely terrified of them…It’s really messed up! #SnakeWhisperer

How have your feelings about surfing changed over your career?

When I was younger I would surf all day every day, but lately I’ve been traveling more for modeling so I don’t get to be in the water as much as I would like to be…those wetsuit tan lines are tricky to cover up for shoots!

How do you keep your hair and skin healthy when the sun and sea are so damaging?

Sunblock…sunblock…and some more sunblock! Haha, and coconut oil is a must for both. Soaking my hair with fresh water before jumping in the ocean is a great trick I learned and I love using It’s a 10 leave in spray, it’s a miracle worker.

Do you date other surfers?

I’m a lucky girl! I date Mr. Eric Geiselman, he’s a gorgeous one and an incredible pro surfer.

How different or similar is your life from Kate Bosworth’s in Blue Crush?

It’s so funny, I went to that movie premiere when I was super young, I think we all wanted to be Kate Bosworth, so in my preteen mind I was secretly her. They definitely nailed the fun times we have, waking up to the sound of the waves and throwing on a bikini to get out there. It’s all about the love for the ocean.

Which kind of athletes have the best bodies?

Are we talking about girls or guys? I’m going to go with guys and say surfers, their backs & shoulders are on point! But if we’re talking girls then definitely ballerinas, so feminine and graceful. And of course I need to give surf girls creds!

What’s your favorite sad song right now?

“Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones has always been my go to when I’m feeling down.

Do you have any tattoos?

I appreciate them on others…Just not for me yet, I haven’t been inspired by anything enough to ink myself with.

What great surfing advice is applicable to daily life?

Fear is your greatest enemy. Don’t hold back.

What aspect of the Surf Open are you most excited for?

For sure hanging with all the Kitten babes at Chuck E. Cheese eating pizza, playing arcade games….going to be good times!

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