A List Of All The Celebs Who Will Perform For Hillary Clinton Tonight

Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Clinton Victory fund will host She’s With Us, a fundraising showcase at the Greek theatre in Los Angeles this evening, and Hil’s got a lot of celebrities on board to help her out.

The concert takes place shortly before the California primaries, so the Hillary Clinton Victory fund team is probably really hoping that everyone in LA votes for her on June 7. Celebs who have supported Hillary Clinton in the past include Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Jamie Foxx, and Elton John; here’s the current lineup for tonight’s event.

1. John Legend

Which means that Chrissy Teigen will be there, which also means that their regular couple besties, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could also potentially attend. Either way, it’s fun to picture John like this tonight:


2. Christina Aguilera

But everyone probably already knew this, since this 2012 photo of Hillary checking out Xtina’s breasts went viral the other day.


3. Andra Day

This buzzing singer just released a crazy music video directed by M. Night Shymalan, titled “Rise Up.” This is it:

4. Ricky Martin

The singer recently tweeted that he believes Hillary is a Latina at heart.

5. Stevie Wonder

Because sure, why not, right?

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